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Welcome to Best Friends Canine Services!

Our Dog Behavior Problem Help and Dog Whispering Services for mild to major dog behavior issues tap directly into the canine psychology of your best friend. We go beneath breed, sex, color, size and age. Our Dog Behavior Specialist shows you how to quickly transform your pooch into one you can be proud of. Results are typically achieved after one home session if you follow her guidelines to the letter. For dog owners who prefer our Dog Behaviorist does all the legwork, Board & Train programs are also available.

~ Dog Behavior Problem Help Dog Whispering Services, Dog Behavior Modification &
Rehabilitation of Aggressive, Hostile, Possessive, Pushy, Dominant, Overly Shy, Fearful Dog
Behavior Issues, Including Separation Anxiety, Fear of Thunder & Fireworks, Over-
Excitement, Jumping on Guests, Nipping, Tail Chasing, Quirky Phobias, Excessive Barking,
Pulling On the Leash, Self-Choking on Walks, Obsessions and More.
~ Obedience Training & Good Manners Training, Treadmill Training & Potty Training
~ Regular Overnight Boarding Service for Non-Aggressive Dogs & Puppies Also Available

Providing the Area's Most Successful, Reputable, DOG BEHAVIOR PROBLEM HELP Since 2009 to Family Dogs of All Sizes, All Breeds & All Ages


We also offer GENERAL OBEDIENCE & Good Manners Training as well as DOG & PUPPY Regular Overnight Boarding at Our Dog Behaviorist's Private Home
FREE 1/2 HR Consultation
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For Clients over 15 miles from Uniontown, Ohio the free consultation is given over the phone. For Clients 14 miles or less from Uniontown, Ohio, a consultation & demonstration is given at your home. If you're not fully convinced that our Dog Behavior Specialist & Trainer is the right fit for helping your dog by the end of the free half hour on the phone or at your home there is no hard feelings and no charge. It's that simple! ARF!
FREE 1/2 HR Consultation
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...Little weanling, Axel, shows just how much he loved his human Mom's recipe for his first solid meal of gruel! ;)
Way to use the treadmill, Rocky!


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