Since 2009 Best Friends Canine Services, Owned & Operated by Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Canine Care Specialist, Melanie Blair, has been providing the area's most reliable, reputable, successful and affordable dog behavior problem help & dog training via private in-home sessions and via board & train programs. We've also provided faithful and punctual dog walking, dog sitting and visiting companion services for dogs and puppies in the comfort of their own homes and neighborhoods.

Our local visiting companion 'guardian angel' services include dog walking, potty relief, feeding, watering, giving timely medications, dog & puppy sitting, checking in on dogs after surgical procedures when owner's can't make it home from work to do so and more.

Our CANINE BEHAVIOR PROBLEM HELP (dog whispering, canine psychotherapy, behavior modification & behavior rehabilitation) is available to dogs across the continental United States. We do NOT use yelling, violence or treat bribes to accomplish results. Our Dog Behavior Specialist has made several out of state trips to help dogs (and their humans) in need of major aggression intervention and rehabilitation of issues such as chronic nipping, biting, threatening behaviors, fight and flight compulsions and predatory behaviors towards other household pets and animals. But most of the calls from people seeking behavior problem help and/or obedience & good manners training come from dog owners in Uniontown, Green, North Canton, Hartville, Jackson Township, Atwater, Louisville, Springfield Township, Lake Township, Belden Village, Massillon, Portage Lakes, Barberton, Medina, Bath Township, Fairlawn, Hudson, Aurora, Streetsboro, greater Akron-Canton, Ohio and the many surrounding communities of Northeast Ohio.

For local dogs & puppies, our special 'GUARDIAN ANGEL SERVICES'
provide anything your best friend needs while you're at work or away
from extra potty breaks, feeding, administering therapy or meds, or,
if your dog is ill, age-compromised or needs special post-surgery
care. We specialize in caring for geriatric dogs and for dogs with
disabilities, chronic illness or terminal illnesses. Check out "LiLi",
pictured at right. LiLi was just shy of 14 years old in this photo. She
had Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) which behaves very much like
human MS. She also had canine geriatric conditions. She lost
both forms of continence (from the DM) which is why she was
sporting a diaper in the photo. Nevertheless, she was cheerful,
comical & affectionate as she and happily visited a local nursing home
to brighten up the resident's days. Her mind was sharp and her front
legs were strong. They looked forward to her inspirational visits! :)

                                                                     Best Friends Canine Services' dog behavior problem help and regular
                                                                     obedience & good manners training for dogs and puppies is not as pricey
                                                                     as you might think. We prevent or rehabilitate aggression, dominance,
                                                                     separation anxiety, extreme shyness, fearfulness, jumping on guests,
                                                                     obsessive compulsive behaviors, excessive barking, destructive
                                                                     behaviors, phobias, fixations, tail chasing, post-traumatic behavior issues
                                                                     resulting from former abuse (as is often needed for rescued dogs) and
                                                                     more. Our basic obedience and good manners training as well as our
                                                                     behavior problem help is available via private in-home sessions or board
                                                                     & train programs. Check our prices and don't let another service provider
                                                                     that charges more make you think you'd get less from us just because you
                                                                     wouldn't be paying their higher fees. We do a FREE 1/2-hour no obligation
                                                                     consultation, over the phone for dog owners over 35 miles away from Uniontown, Ohio and a FREE 1/2 hour no obligation consultation and demonstration in-home for dog owners less than 35 miles away. So there's nothing to lose in allowing our Trainer/Behaviorist give you a preview of what her methods and techniques are capable of quickly accomplishing for you and your dog. If you're not completely convinced by the end of the consultation then there is no hard feelings, no guilt trip and no charge. It's that simple.

Best Friends Canine Services, Owner, Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Canine Care Specialist, Melanie Blair is committed to Trustworthy, Loving & Compassionate (TLC) services for all of your best friend's care and training needs. Melanie has many outstanding references available on request. Reviews have been posted in this web site for your convenience if you'd like to glance them over. Our reviews come from legitimate clients and are verifiable. To date, only positive feedback has been received from the hundreds of dog owners who have utilized our behavior modification service, training services and canine care services.

Call or Text Us Today at 330-310-9681
Welcome to Best Friends Canine Services!

Our Rehabilitation & Canine Psychotherapy Services for mild to major Dog Behavior Problems & Issues (also called 'Dog Whispering' made famous by Cesar Millan) tap directly into the canine psychology of your best friend. We address the dog beneath the coloration, contours, size and special cabilities of his or her breed. What our Dog Behavior Specialist & Trainer shows & teaches dog owners works for every dog of every breed in their home, old or young, laid back or hyper, aggressive or shy. What's better, the transformation happens QUICKLY.

~ Dog Behavior Problem Help; Dog Whispering, Dog Psychotherapy and Behavior Modification & Rehabilitation of Aggressive, Possessive & Dominant Behaviors, Fearfulness, Shyness, Separation Anxiety, Over-Excitement, Jumping on Guests, Nipping, Tail Chasing, Obsessions, Quirky Phobias, Excessive Barking, Tail-Chasing, Pulling & Self-Choking on Walks, and Help for Rescued Dogs with Extreme Issues from Former Trauma & Abuse

~ Obedience Training & Good Manners Training, Treadmill Training, Potty Training & More

Providing the Area's Most Successful, Reputable, DOG BEHAVIOR PROBLEM HELP Since 2009 to Dogs of All Sizes, All Breeds & All Ages


We also offer GENERAL OBEDIENCE & Good Manners Training as well as DOG & PUPPY WALKING, DOG & PUPPY SITTING & Special Needs Caregiving Services
FREE 1/2 HR Consultation
For Clients over 35 miles from Uniontown, Ohio the free consultation is given over the phone. For Clients 35 miles or less from Uniontown, Ohio, a consultation & demonstration is given at your home. If you're not fully convinced that our Dog Behavior Specialist & Trainer is the right fit for helping your dog by the end of the half hour on the phone or at your home there is no hard feelings and no charge. It's that simple! ARF!
FREE 1/2 HR Consultation
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...Little weanling, Axel, shows just how much he loved his human Mom's recipe for his first solid meal of gruel! ;)
Way to use the treadmill, Rocky! lol


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